Let me help you with your project!

Consulting, Project Management & Strategy Analysis

Communication, corporate culture, project management, employee experience, image building.


Many companies and agencies already realized the benefits of alternative work forces and optimized their processes and management strategies to include this talent pool. In my daily working-life I also decided to go this way and work with a pool of experts who let me do my job more time and money efficient.


Operating within a team of highly experienced freelancers offers companies and agencies the possibility to work more agile and flexible. Thanks to modern work environments and technology, it is possible to increase your talent pool and your reaction time significantly. This leads to more diversity and increased innovative thinking.

Understand your target group.

Graphic Design & Print Media

Adobe InDesign, Photoshop, Illustrator, Lightroom, Experience Design.


Creativity doesn’t stop at your screen or paper; it is a choice we make for our lives. To create a great design, it is not vital to make it “pretty”, but instead, it is essential to understand its purpose, its environment, its time, and its audience.


In times of new generations, the war for talents, and changing working environments, more and more great designers and artists decide to go their own ways apart from being full time employed at an agency – don’t miss out on that talents when it comes to your projects. For my clients I either create designs by myself but also work with a great pool of freelance designers to find the right talent who fits perfectly to your projects.

Sending the right message.


German and English. Writing for promotional materials, pitches, and presentation.


We are always communicating but often forget to send a message. I have a passion for writing exciting content, conveying information with precise phrasing, and arousing emotions with clean and powerful wording.

Your web appearance.

Web Design

Individual solutions perfectly fitting your use cases. Adobe XD.


Digitization made it easy to connect and communicate with people around the world. The Internet offers possibilities in marketing and selling, like never before, but also leads to privacy and security issues. Today it is decisive to create web pages which satisfy in design, usability, and security.

Together with my code-wizard-colleagues, we realize small to large projects. Always focusing on individual needs and privacy.

Showing who you really are.

Image Film

Script, Storyboard, Filming, Adobe Premiere, ToonBoom Harmonie.


To spread your message, nothing works better than a movie to communicate on multiple channels. Videos easily connect with our emotions and can help us to remember information much easier. To realize the perfectly tailored video for you I work with experts in video, photography, and animation, to create memorable videos that spread your message.


For each project, I personally take time for an extended briefing to dive into the topic, analyze the target audience, and produce clear and on point videos and image films. Therefore I work with a pool of freelancers and small companies where I can select the perfect team of experts for your project.

Bringing ideas to life.

Fine Arts & Illustrations

Watercolor, oil, ink, Photoshop, Illustrator.


With my education in fine arts, I love to create commissioned work for special occasions or businesses in watercolor, oil, or ink.


Digital illustrations are a combination of traditional painting and digital techniques. I work for several agencies and clients, creating character design or illustrations for print and online use. If you are looking for a unique style or design I am happy to create an individual illustration based on your preferences!