Wooden Pen

Handmade Pens, made out of wood and a feather out of gold. I made those for two friends as a wedding present. tried to make a personal prasent from heart.

Oil Paintings

I love the feeling of the smooth oilcolor, the semll of turps and the sound of the brush on the canvas. Here you can see just a few of my oil paintings. In both, realistic and abstract style.

Trigos 2013

These are some videos I made for the Trigos Award 2013 in cooperation with the mediaproduction. The videos are handdrawn and filmed with a camera hanging aboth me. This was the first time I did some doodle animation. It was so much fun to create these videos for such a great award like the Trigos. I've invented the artstyle and the whole visual style.

Vi Shape

Look out! This is the first clay movie I worked on! We were a team of two and it was so much fun to create the character and the assets for the Vi-Shape commercial movie. It was our first time to work with real clay. sculpting everything by hand was challenging but I think it is worth the effort. A catchy artstyle with love for details and and handmade quality. I absolutely love this style. I did the characterdesign, artstyle, some parts of the sculpting, and coloring.

Nightrow Vienna

The first nightrow movie was made by a small team. My part was to develop the artstyle as well as a part of the animation. In the secon movie we also worked in a team of 5. I've also developed the artstyle and was in charge for producing the backgrounds. This was very special, because I made all the backgrounds in traditional art watercolor. The nightrow projects has always been a nonpaid project where we where able to try new styles and tecniques.

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