Post AG

At 2dream Productions we have the opportinity to work with the austrian Post AG on several projects. Some of them are not published yet. This movie is one of our first and was created be my collegue and me. My part was to design the assets, the character and the artstyle.

Die Marilla

Here you can see a few Illustrations I've created for Die Marilla. They used it in their Blog as well as in their social media websites. Together with a colleque we also created an animated movie where I did the whole animation as well as the designe of all characters and backgrounds.

Vlaire Uisine

Print Media and video production as well as homepage design.


A wonderful organization who creates watering systems.

Trigos 2013

These are some videos I made for the Trigos Award 2013 in cooperation with the mediaproduction. The videos are handdrawn and filmed with a camera hanging aboth me. This was the first time I did some doodle animation. It was so much fun to create these videos for such a great award like the Trigos. I've invented the artstyle and the whole visual style.


This was a project for a 'better living together in Vienna' organization. A nice project with a lot of characters and a funny story. We were a team of 4 artists on this project. My spezific part was to creat the artstyle and the character design, as well as some parts of the animation.

Vi Shape

Look out! This is the first clay movie I worked on! We were a team of two and it was so much fun to create the character and the assets for the Vi-Shape commercial movie. It was our first time to work with real clay. sculpting everything by hand was challenging but I think it is worth the effort. A catchy artstyle with love for details and and handmade quality. I absolutely love this style. I did the characterdesign, artstyle, some parts of the sculpting, and coloring.

Telekom Austria Group

This was a project for the Telekom Austria Group. Thanks to our creative writer, we made a great and funny movie out of a serious and hard to understanding topic. It was really fun to work on this movie in a team of four. I did a part of the animation and was responsible for the character design and the artstyle. Later the TAG won a prize for this innovative movie. You can still find the movie and the characters on their website.

Karner KG

It was great to work in a small team to create this video. My part in this was concepting, storyboarding, characterdesign and the artstyle for this explainer movie.

Nightrow Vienna

The first nightrow movie was made by a small team. My part was to develop the artstyle as well as a part of the animation. In the secon movie we also worked in a team of 5. I've also developed the artstyle and was in charge for producing the backgrounds. This was very special, because I made all the backgrounds in traditional art watercolor. The nightrow projects has always been a nonpaid project where we where able to try new styles and tecniques.

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