I have successfully completed the following studies:

    • MBA in Entrepreneurship, Innovation, and Leadership
    • Masters Degree in Communication Design
    • Bachelor Degree in Interactive Animation
    • Propaedeutic Studies in Psychotherapy


  • ongoing Fachspezifikum (study) in cognitive behavioral psychotherapy

In my  MBA Degree I specialized in Entrepreneurship, Innovation and Leadership (EIL) at Modul private University furthermore, do I currently study cognitive behavioral psychotherapy at the Arbeitsgemeinschaft für Verhaltensmodifikation (AVM).

I see myself as a generalist with a wide range of interests and skills.
Since I always aim to improve myself and want to learn new things, my educational background is diverse. During my high school years was able to focus on fine arts and to study oil painting, watercolor painting, and later pottery. Beside the knowledge I got from school I also attended private painting classes in oil painting and drawing.

I have a bachelor’s degree in interactive animation and a masters degree in communication design where I specialized on corporate identity, communication, and image building.

During my psychotherapy studies, I’ve worked at the Sigmund Freud private clinic as well as at different coaching companies. I am now in the second part of the study (Fachspezifikum) where I specialized in cognitive behavioral therapy. My current focus lies on mental health awareness, workplace optimization, stress management, communication, and personal growth.


I am a design and art lover. I regularly work on art-related projects with friends but besides that, you can usually find me in nature. I love urban gardening and I am a hobby beekeeper with my own honey brand. I love traveling, especially to south-east Asia where I also spend quite some time every year to refill my creativity-levels and get new perspectives.

My interests are very diverse, and I am always up to try new things and go on an adventure.

Nice to meet you!

I am a creative and adventurous communication expert who combines knowledge from cognitive-behaviorism psychotherapy and years of experience in marketing, communication design, and fine arts.

At Vivivdfox I’ve created a place for alternative workforce management in Austria., which means I work with a pool of talented artist, designer, small agencies, and communication experts to realize projects for a diverse field of clients. This allows me and my colleagues to work more flexible, as well as more time and money efficient. This provides our clients with the benefit to work with experts from a much larger pool of talents who are not only are highly motivated, but also perfectly fit the profile and requirements of each project. Therefore working with us means working with a creative collective of experts.


During the past years I’ve specialized in helping companies analyzing and improving their communication strategies. I also regularly work with startups to help them pitching their ideas, manage various design projects and create personalized illustrations.

For three years now, I also increase my expertise in workplace optimization, company culture, and employee engagement.

I believe in constant learning and I’m convinced that new forms of employee management strategies are the key to increase productivity and engagement in a sustainable way.


I’ve started to work as a freelance artist and illustrator when I was in high school.
During my Bachelors study, I changed my focus and worked with companies in the video game and animated movie industry before I discovered my love for communication and marketing.
I’ve lived in Vienna for 8 years, where I worked for different agencies and private clients. During that time, I managed various projects going from communication and strategy analysis, to design, writing, and video production.
Since I have a great passion for innovation and new technologies, I also regularly work with startups and research institutes.

Four years ago, I started to including cognitive-behavioral psychotherapy into my daily work and put a sharper focus on mental health awareness, company culture and employee experience strategies.